Red Bull Qatar

Project Title

Yalla Nasser


Tonic International

My Role

Art Director, UX/UI

Yalla Nasser


Nasser Al Attiya is Qatar's national hero. He's also sponsored by Red Bull to drive in the world-famous Dakkar Rally. This year, he's going for gold again. How can we encourage Nasser, and help connect him with the support of his loving fans back home and around the world?


We invited fans to rally behind Nasser with the cry: 'Yalla Nasser!' A game allowed tweets of encouragement to translate into an online race - a rally in parallel to the real one, but with a different kind of prize: a driving experience with Nasser.


We created a mobile-friendly microsite-based game where tweets corresponded with moves on the map, along with a leaderboard to encourage competition. As fans tweeted their love and support, one lucky fan got to actually drive with the legend in Qatar.